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  • Range flag at gate must be raised anytime you are on the property.  Range flag at firing line must be raised when shooting on the line, or downrange.

  • All shooting on rifle ranges MUST be done from the permanent firing line. 

  • I will not shoot when work crews are on the range.

  • I will follow all of the safety rules and guidelines I have been taught about safe gunhandling.  I am responsible for my guest's actions while on property.

  • I will NOT shoot center fire rifles toward or in the pistol pit..

  • I will follow the club calendar, as scheduled shoots will take precedence.

  • I will not shoot with artificial lighting.

  • I will take targets and trash I brought to the range home, or deposit in trash cans provided.  I WILL NOT LEAVE MY TARGETS ON THE BACKER BOARDS.

  • I will only shoot at targets that are safe, NOT trash cans, rocks, or other items that may cause ricochets.

  • During scheduled shoots, modified rules may apply. Scheduled events are open to the public.

  • No hunting of any kind is allowed on club property.

  • Shotgun shooting is NOT ALLOWED on club property.

  • A member must accompany guests at all times.

  • Vehicles are allowed to be driven to the backstops to setup or check targets.  No vehicles are allowed behind the backstops.

  • No alcoholic beverages are allowed on club property at any time.

  • Eye and ear protection is required at all matches, we recommend wearing them whenever you are shooting.

  • Do not leave rounds that misfire laying at the range dispose of them properly.

  • During any organized shooting event, the remainder of the Kiowa range, not being used for said event, will closed until the end of the event.


If you see someone violate these rules or act in an unsafe manner it is suggested that you approach them in a non-threatening manner, and bring the violation to their attention.  If you are not satisfied that they understand and will correct their actions, contact a club officer and a review of the incident will be made by the board.  As a member you have the right to ask to see their membership card.


This form must be signed and returned to the club along with payment of dues, address, phone number, e-mail address, and proof of NRA membership and expiration date.  Failure to comply will result in non renewal of your membership.  Membership dues are due August 1st of each year.  FAILURE TO PAY DUES BY SEPTEMBER 10th WILL RESULT IN TERMINATION OF YOUR MEMBERSHIP.  At this time dues are $120 annually.


All new members will have to complete a range orientation before they are issued their membership card.



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